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19 thoughts on “Michael Poll

  1. maureen says:

    of course he is it all adds up nothing adds up from the death story ne way it was planned

  2. Dammit I know he’s alive! Thats why I never cried when it was on the news!
    HE IS ALIVE! beLIEve!

  3. Nicki says:

    Nothing would make me happier than for him to be alive, but I just do not believe he would leave his beautiful children to suffer through all they have. He was a wonderful father and loved his kids more than anything. They are truly devastated, especially Paris! He would not put her through that! That shameful so called doctor should rot under the jail for killing the greatest entertainer ever known!! But, if you find him alive, please beg him to come back to his loyal, loving, heartbroken fans!♥♥♥♥♥you MJ!!

  4. MorganaThefairy says:

    He is ALIVE !! ALWAYS Believe ! Keep the Faith ! ❤ ❤

  5. thesmile67 says:

    Alive, I follow Michael for many years but do not know exactly why I believe that Michael is alive, I just know that is what I felt immediately after he got the news. At first I was appalled, not knowing what to try, then slowly I started to listen to my inner voice, that I cried not to believe. Then I began to discover that many fans like me have felt the same and I wondered why ….. how is it that we had the same forebodings, we posed the same questions despite being thousands of miles away? However there is no certainty I bealievers but if we have any reason for me it’s just a matter of time …. remember all that Michael was able to boldly go where for others it is even now a dream unfulfilled. L.O.V.E.

  6. Youssef says:

    Michael Joe Jackson est le roi de l’illusion, il est vivant il a simuler sa mort !

  7. I never believed his death in the depths of my heart.
    Not when Germaine came to announce to the world from UCLA, at the same time confirmed that he was alive.
    The medical report of a death, always gives a professional institution.
    I never saw a doctor at UCLA, certifying his death to the world!
    Michael alive!!!

    • mjsgirl says:

      That is exactly what set me on thinking…Plus the fact that the coroner NEVER signed the death certificate. If you come to think of it, no proper authorities ever committed themselves to confirm the death. Why? Because there’s a little thing called perjury which can get people and institutions in big troubles….

  8. I fell the same way I fell he is still alive I wish it was true

  9. Michael is very alive. I feel that there are a couple of reasons why he had to fake his death. He had to do what he had to do out of love. For his family, fans and friends, people who truly love him for him. If he decides to come back to the world, its going to be something to behold and remember for the ages. Watch out HATERS!!!!!!

  10. Aoife Martin says:

    ❤ Michael is very much aLIvE!!! ❤ beLIEve ❤

  11. rachel says:

    michael is alive…….now, we are waiting for the truth to be revealed…….maybe after the AEG trial……..dont you wonder who wanted him dead? thats a motive for faking a death……..hope he comes back one day when all of this is resolved………..

  12. molin says:

    yes, MICHAEL is really alive.He has faked his own geath to be free, to be in peace to himself, far fromthe medias and paparazzis. He want to make an new life professionnal and personnal. Of course, he know that his fans loves him always and him also, he don’t forgotton that, but I don’t believe that he will make a comeback on stage, he know that he is very old for these performances of before MICHAEL, but believe me, MICHAEL is alive and i love him……MM

  13. Michaela says:

    Michael Joe Jackson will never die! We know it… His music, his dance, his messages… It will never leave, because he is in HIStory… Nobody can say the opposite. I remember the day when my mom told me Michael Jackson died like it was yesterday.. At first I felt weird… I was shocked, because I knew he was coming back.. I thought it was some sick joke. And to say the truth it wouldn’t be very surprising. But then all TV channels were reporting the same thing. MICHAEL JACKSON DIED ON 25.6.2009. THE SINGER WAS PREPARING FOR HIS COMEBACK TOUR CALLED THIS IS IT… I think we heard it more than 100 times.After that I though it was true and I felt terrible. You know that feeling when somebody died and you feel that he shouldn’t? You feel so bad because you know he didn’t deserve it. Yeah… I was crying like a baby while watching memorial on 7.7.2009. And then Paris and her speech… It was killing me watching her crying on the stage. It was the first time I saw Michael’s children without masks and I think everybody was very curious to see them… So memorial doubled my feelings that he was really gone. I spent almost one year thinking it, but then I somehow came to a web page michaeljacksondeathhoaxczech.oforum.cz. And I read and read and read…. I watched more than 10 videos on this page and I started to see what nobody around me didn’t. Everybody started to make sense like a puzzle… The thing was DID HE REALLY DO IT? WILL HE COME BACK? … What about Paris and her tweets? Was she really giving us clues? And after a while I learnt that NOTHING in Michael’s case is coincidence and I believe Michael is the only one who would create such a perfect plan. I call myself beLIEver not only because I believe that Michael is ALIVE, but because I believe that this world will get better… I believe because it’s all for L.O.V.E. This hoax, this journey that started in 2009 united so many people on Twitter and Facebook.. Even though many people think I am crazy to believe it… We’re MJFam! We’re army of L.O.V.E. And hope to see the KING again. 🙂

  14. Michael is alive, never I thought he death. He finally free from harassment. I love him forever. Should not return.! had to do, was life or death! I miss you Mike.

  15. MJsOldestfan says:

    Michael Joseph Jackson, the artist, dancer has “gone” however Michael JOE Jackson, the man, the best dad and humanitarian is VERY VERY much ALIVE, SAFE and HEALTHY. beLIEve ALWAYS 🙂

    He had to disappear for fear for his life. Proof he left. A plane left LAX at approx. 826am on June 25, 2009 to an unknown location in Mexico. LAX was shut down for two hours that morning. He left accompanied by U.S. Marshalls. beLIEve!!!


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