Derek Answers Your Questions

Derek Clontz Dick Kulpa Michael Jackson

Copyright 2013 Derek Clontz and Dick Kulpa. All rights reserved.

Derek Clontz Michael Jackson

Derek Clontz

Questions? Comments? “Michael Jackson Lies that Rocked the World” author Derek Clontz personally addresses them all in this forum.

Write now – you’ll be glad you did.

I want the book. Take me to Amazon now!


Question. Derek, I can’t find your book on Amazon? Did “somebody” intervene to stop it? – L.C.

Answer. Dear L.C., thank you for writing. At the last minute for reasons I can’t divulge for a few weeks, we decided not to grant exclusive rights to Amazon, but instead will distribute internationally through Amazon and many other booksellers and shops … look for wide distribution within a couple of days, including on Amazon. In the meantime, you can buy “pre-publication copies” for just $2.99 … (click link above) a price that includes covering our basic expenses and donations to children’s charities in MJ’s name. Sales are brisk, by the way. See the global breakdown here:

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