Can You Crack “The Clontz Code” in ‘Michael Jackson Lies that Rocked the World?’

Derek Clontz Michael Jackson

Get it? No? Read Michael Jackson Lies that Rocked the World and you will.

Day after day more and more people are “getting the truth” in Derek Clontz’s “Michael Jackson Lies that Rocked the World” – as Marcia L. from Los Angeles put it in, “Oh my God – MICHAEL IS ALIVE! It’s all in the book. It’s all right there. Every clue. All the proof. I had to read it three times before suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. Now I know for sure. Michael IS still with us. He IS alive!”

Think about it.

Questions? Write to Derek Clontz or buy the book and read it. Take it to your logic professor or anyone who understands “prose code.”

“The truth has been told,” says Derek. “But only if you have eyes to see it and ears to hear it.”

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5 thoughts on “Can You Crack “The Clontz Code” in ‘Michael Jackson Lies that Rocked the World?’

  1. molin myriam says:

    mR DEREK CLONTZ i am sure that MICHAEL is still alive. more and more, i believe in that since three years.I have fellings for him since very long time and i have always believed that MICHAEL was faked his own death because he was danger and he was not supported the medias , paparazzis and he wanted to be free, it is this dream since more years ago. Myriam molin

  2. Marlete says:

    Michael is alive! I believe.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I haven’t read the book yet but i baught it, i have drawn my conclusions before hand for a while that mj is alive there is just to many unresolved questions! My mother died from a heart problems and we had a open casket she was 49 and her face/ skin looked fine so why in the world would mj have a closed casket i heard it was because of facial problems/skin problems ??? Also the body moving in the helicopter and that Internet video that shows him leaping out of the coroners van and… So many clues he’s left i believe he will come back

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